Cameron Hooper

Cameron took up painting just over 30 years ago following a major accident which saw him hospitalised for 9 months and with a permanent brain injury affecting his speech and movement. During recovery his physio suggested that painting might be a good hobby for him to explore. Cameron not only had to learn to paint, but he had to learn to do it with his left hand – having lost the use of his right hand in the accident.

Cameron’s mentor on his artistic journey has been his aunt, Denise Retschlag, who is an accomplished artist in many mediums. He has attended many workshops and continually learns new techniques to incorporate into his work.

Cameron works in water colour, pastels, acrylics and pencil. His favourite topics are birds and outback scenery – inspired by his childhood camping trips in the bush.

Sample Work

The Regent Bowerbird (Pastel)

Kookaburras (Pencil)

Waterhole 1 (Pastel & Acrylic)