Dawn Evans

Dr Dawn BonesandArt

I have been looking at and enjoying art all my life, visiting many galleries and making a few purchases. I have also been interested in photography and always tried to take artful photos with good composition.

While in the U.K. I dabbled with art lessons. Later in Sydney I took up lapidary, faceting and silver smithing enabling me to design and make  many pieces.  Moving to Queensland, I purchased a deer farm and was fascinated by the beauty in some of the bones I found, so I started first to paint them and more recently to carve into them before painting. I have been very active in making and selling items at the Abbey Mediaeval festival.

Later I took up drawing and painting and I am still working on my skills. Having retired after fifty plus years of General Practice I now have more time to pursue my art and sculpting.


Woodford Community Art Group:
CHAMPION for “Heart of the Centurion”
1st prize drawing for “Silverpoint Selfie”
2nd prize watercolour for “Roses”
2nd prize acrylic for “Fear 2 Funnel Web Spider”
3rd prize watercolour for “Booby”

Kilcoy Show Society:
1st prize novice drawing for “Elk”
1st prize novice watercolour for “Sea Ghosts”
2nd prize drawing for “My Friend Allan”
2nd prize watercolour for “Magnolia”
3rd prize oil for “Still life”
Encouragement watercolour for “Blue Rose-Genetic engineering”

Toogoolawah Show Society:
1st prize drawing for “My Friend Allan”
1st prize drawing for “Elk”
1st prize oil for “Mediaeval Woman”
1st prize watercolour for “Blue Rose-Genetic engineering”
1st prize watercolour for “Ocean ghosts”
1st prize over 70 watercolour for “Booby”
2nd prize watercolour for “Magnolia”
Highly Commended oil for “Still Life”

Woodford Show Society:
Highly Commended for “Gunther Green Tree Snake”

Woodford Show Society:
1st prize watercolour for “Magnolia”

Sample Work

White Egret Ready to Go (Acrylic on canvas)

Magnolia (Watercolour)

Carved Deer Skull