Lindsay Conroy

Initially I was always keen to work with natural products. Working with clay both in hand building and wheel; and later through expression with flowers as florist; so it seems very natural to fall in love with eco dyeing; rusting and encaustics.

I have turned to nature’s palette to showcase the warm colours hidden within. By exploring specific plants (i.e. Eucalyptus) and metals (i.e. rusty tools) as mordent’s with sequential steps to extract colours. Each releases its own secret. I love the serendipity of the outcome, connecting me with the environment and beauty of nature while unwrapping potential layers dormant within nature’s hidden gifts.

I work with Paper, Silks, wool and other textile; Also currently working in Encaustic Wax (bees wax, Damar Resin)


2014: Finalist Lethbridge 1000 small Scale

2013: 1st prize in the Gympie Gold Rush Art Competition – Novice Section

Sample Work

 Encaustic Abstract (Encaustic and shellac burn)


Eco/Rusted Dyed Silk (Organic silk scarf eco dyed with rusting applied in the process)

Rusting Eco Scarf

Eternal (Eco dyed plants on paper)

yellow leaf 1