Minds on Canvas

The Kilcoy Courthouse Gallery is happy to be supporting and hosting the NUTS & BOLTS Minds on Canvas art exhibition to be held 12-16 October (during Mental Health Awareness week). A presentation ceremony to announce winners will be held at the gallery on 15 October. This exhibition is being organised by our local Mental Health Peer Support Group – NUTS & BOLTS.

The goal of the exhibition is to help youth and other members of the community to realise the importance of the essential support and understanding that we receive at our group – using art as a form of communication. NUTS & BOLTS continues to focus and raise awareness on all current mental health issues, concerns and support for people within our region.

Open your minds to see how mental illness is perceived via personal art and creative forms.

Entry information:

Everyone is welcome to submit individual, unique artworks into a local display focusing on, and highlighting, mental illness. Categories are listed below and the entry form is available for download here or at the Courthouse Gallery in Yowie Park. One of the pieces will be chosen by NUTS & BOLTS as the design for a new flyer to raise awareness of mental illnesses and mental health issues for all ages.


A piece of art describing or explaining:

  • a mental health condition (or illness) or how the artist perceives a mental health condition (or illness); or
  • the treatment or recovery process of a mental health condition (or illness).


There are three categories:

  • Under 18
  • Over 18
  • An art piece that will become the focus of the 2018 flyers for NUTS & BOLTS. (Chosen from one of the above categories.)

Some suggestions for people to work on are/but not limited to: depression, anxiety, bullying, social anxiety, bi-polar, multiple personality disorder, PTSD, eating disorders.